These days, a mobile phone can cost well over a thousand dollars, and finding ways of putting all that processing power to good use beyond obvious mobile use will become a must in the future.

Samsung is trying to address this with the Dex Pad, a docking station for your Samsung phone that connects to an external monitor and turns your phone’s screen into a trackpad.

Add a keyboard and you will be able to work on an external monitor using a Windows-like interface.

A downside is that, at least at launch, not many Android apps will support this desktop experience, but that is to expected to improve in the future. Samsung has announced that partnerships have been made with Microsoft and Adobe, so expect Microsoft Office and some Adobe products to become available on the DeX platform soon enough.

The DeX Pad is relatively light at 135 gr, making it portable enough to carry around.

Finally, it outputs up to 2K of resolution, making it comfortable to use on modern monitors.

The DeX pad has 2 classic 2.0 USB ports, USB-C charging, and an HDMI output port.

Key Features

  • Built-in fan to keep your phone cool while docked
  • Multiple connection ports: 2 x USB-A 2.0, USB-C charging, HDMI output, Includes Fast Charge wall charger, USB-C cable, and HDMI cable
  • Fast charging is available when Fast Charge mode is selected and using provided wall charger and cables. If a non-Samsung or Samsung charger below 15 W (9 V, 1.67 A) is used, DeX Pad may not operate or may be damaged.
  • US Version includes: Fast Charge Wall Charger, USB-C Cable, HDMI Cable, and Quick Start Guide

Pricing and Availability

Available on May 13th, for USD 99