Apple (AAPL) has finally made it first to the 1 trillion dollar club. As of yesterday, Apple has a market valuation that surpasses the USD 1 trillion mark. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as Apple was inching towards this goal slowly but steadily, quarter after quarter.

What does it mean for the average mortal? Not much really. Apple will continue to release their products each year, and people will go on buying them. It will boost Apple’s confidence as a tech company, and hopefully, it will inspire them to take more risk as they shape the technology outlook of the next years.

With Apple, the 1 trillion dollar club only has 1 member so far, but Amazon is coming close as well and will probably the next company to join, as its market cap continues to inch closer to the magic 1 trillion figure.

What’s next?

Apple is not only a hardware maker. The Apple Store, Cloud Services, Apple Pay and other services contribute in a big part Apple’s continuous financial growth. And while Huawei has recently surpassed Apple as the world’s number 1 smartphone vendor,  in the larger scheme of things, Apple will continue to grow and probably regain the top spot once their 2018 line of smartphones come out, as these are rumoured to be cheaper than the current line (iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus).

Looking further into the future, it’s very possible Apple will once again revolutionize how we interact with digital information once they introduce their long-time rumoured AR (Augmented Reality) solution. Apple is known to not be first to market with new tech, but once they hit the market with their version, it’s the one that goes on the be the most popular. This happened with the iPhone in 2007, and could very well repeat itself with AR.

If this happens, I expect it to boost Apple market value further into the stratosphere, so if you are wondering today if it’s still worth investing in Apple stock, I would definitely say yes, even if the stock price has surpassed the USD 200 barrier.