This happens every year, and 2018 is not much different: Ahead of the official release by Apple in September, the detailed mock-ups of the 2018 iPhone line-up are leaking online, as case makers have now all the details to create cases for the future iPhones, and these plans are used to create detailed dummy versions of the real thing.

Youtuber MKBHD got hold of dummy models for each upcoming iPhone. To recap, what are these models again?

  • A refreshed iPhone X 5.8 inch with OLED display, with updated technology inside. A more powerful version of Face ID is a possibility, but nothing is confirmed yet. Also, the new iPhone X will apparently come in black, white and a new gold color.
  • A new model that can be seen as an “iPhone X Plus” that will have a larger, 6.5-inch OLED display and, of course, a higher starting price.
  • The last model, which could be called the iPhone X Lite, will still have the same design, including the notch, but will have a 6.1-inch LCD display instead of an OLED one. Also, this will be the only model NOT to have a dual camera. Spec wise, it will be the least powerful of the 3. Price-wise, the 6.1-inch model will be considerably cheaper, anywhere in the USD 700-800 range.


One of the things we can clearly make up from the above video is that the iPhone X plus (or whatever it might be called) will feel huge next to the regular iPhone X.

iPhone X 2017 compared to the iPhone X Plus 2018 image by MKBHD
iPhone X 2017 compared to the iPhone X Plus 2018 image by MKBHD

Because of the bigger screen, the notch will look noticeably smaller, even if it’s the same size on all models. And how does the size of the iPhone X Plus compare to the size of the current iPhone 8? They are both almost the same size, with the X Plus having the benefit of a much larger, bezel-less screen. Price-wise, the iPhone X Plus will be the most expensive iPhone, probably having a starting price of USD 1100.

We don’t have detailed specs yet, as Apple won’t release these upfront, but it’s clear that these phones won’t be a revolution compared to the iPhone X. It’s more of an incremental update, and while it will probably seduce additional buyers, it will also frustrate early adopters of the iPhone X that paid a premium price that less than a year later gets replaced by a better, or a cheaper, version. But that’s the Apple way, isn’t?

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