Red Hydrogen One front view

What Is The Hydrogen One From Red Really, Besides A Phone?

Red is the company behind probably the most talked about professional, ultra-high resolution cameras today, and they also the creators of the Hydrogen One. According to Red, it's not much more than a phone, it's...
Apple MacBook Touch concept

New Macbook Touch Concept, With Huge Touchbar And Virtual Keys

Laptops evolve, and keyboardless concepts have been popping up here and there the last few years. The most famous one is the Asus Project Precog and since Asus made quite a thing out of it...
New iPhone 2018 line-up, image by MKBHD

2018 iPhones Leak Online, Detailed Look At The 2018 iPhone X, iPhone X Lite...

This happens every year, and 2018 is not much different: Ahead of the official release by Apple in September, the detailed mock-ups of the 2018 iPhone line-up are leaking online, as case makers have now...
Apple reaches 1 trillion in market cap

Apple Is The First Company To Be Worth 1 Trillion US Dollars

Apple (AAPL) has finally made it first to the 1 trillion dollar club. As of yesterday, Apple has a market valuation that surpasses the USD 1 trillion mark. This doesn't come as a surprise,...
Best Power Bank for laptops 2018

Best Power Bank For Laptops 2018

The more powerful laptops get, the quicker your laptop battery drains. That's a fact of life, much like death and taxes. Modern laptops pack high capacity batteries that last hours on end, but performance laptops use so much juice that if you don't have a power outlet nearby, your laptop will die in the middle of that critical Premiere Pro export, with nothing you can do to save the day.
GDP Pocket 2

The GDP Pocket 2 Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand!

The New GDP Pocket 2 is a mini computer that fits right in the palm of your hand. It comes in two different flavours, one with 4GB of RAM and the other with 8GB. Check out the details inside!
Windows 10 updates with machine learning

Windows 10 Will Launch Updates When You’re Not Working Using Machine Learning

Since it's launch, the automatic updates "feature" has been a real pain for Windows 10 users. It has the tendency to force itself on users and launch updates at the worst possible time. Shure, Microsoft...
Apple Glass Render

Is Apple’s Next Big Thing A Revolutionary AR Device?

It's very clear that the smartphone revolution is slowly but surely coming to a grinding halt. Each year, phones evolve less and less, and Apple, that once shocked the world with the introduction of the...

The New MacBook Pro 15-inch Apparently Can’t Handle The I9 Heat

updated 2: Apple has acknowledged the problem, and attributes it to a software issue: Following extensive performance testing under numerous workloads, we’ve identified that there is a missing digital key in the firmware that impacts the thermal management system...
Best wireless bluetooth portable keyboard

Best Wireless Portable Keyboard 2018

If you work a lot on the move, having a light, portable keyboard with you is a must. In this guide, we figure out which is the best wireless portable keyboard your money can buy. We focus on affordability, build quality, compatibility with most platforms and above all, portability.